Screen Composers Guild are working on a number of ongoing campaigns to improve the status and rights of screen composers and the craft of creating original music for audiovisual. We are engaging with other creator representative organisations both in Ireland and internationally to work towards better rights and working conditions for creators, equal access to opportunities across genders and diversities and fair remuneration for creative producers.  

Status of composer and the value of music

SCGI believes that the role of composer is part of the key creative personnel on a production with commissioned music forming a crucial element in the development of narrative and identity of a production from feature film to documentary and animation. 

Investing in the creation of original music for media, and a domestic community of skilled composers for screen creates added value in both quality and cultural capital of content. Original music carries a unique IP which returns revenue to the economy, as well as adding to Ireland’s cultural heritage. We are advocating that funders, commissioners and stakeholders recognise composers as key creative contributors and original music score as key creative element of unique value. 

SCGI recognises the under representation of women composers for screen both in Ireland and internationally. We are engaged in joining research to establish obstacles to entry and career progression for women and we call on wider audiovisual funds aimed at female creative talent within audiovisual industry streams to include and support female composers as key creative personnel.

Section 481 

Screen Composers Guild of Ireland joins IMRO to call for the inclusion of music in the cultural test for section 481 tax. 

Download section 481 submission 

European Copyright Directive

Screen Composers Guild of Ireland is working with Irish and European creator organisations including ESCA, GESAC, IMRO, Screen Writers Guild and many more to call for the ratification of the European copyright directive and fair remuneration for creators in the commercial exploitation of their works. 

Download letter to MEPs