The goal of SCGI is to promote the creative craft of composing original music for screen and the status and rights of Irish and Irish based Screen Composers.



Screen composers guild of Ireland was established in May 2018 and is the representative body for professional composers of original music for Film, TV, Animation, Advertising and Games. The SCGI was set up by a group of working composers and is a not for profit organisation run by its members, for its members. 

The SCGI aims to improve the status and rights of Irish Screen Composers and their craft in Ireland and internationally, to offer a positive contributing voice to the wider audiovisual industry and to provide resource services for our members and those wishing to work with composers. We are dedicated to constantly improving the quality and visibility of original music for screen created in Ireland and believe in the importance of continual professional development for creators. The SCGI is also a community offering opportunities for members to share knowledge and experience and work collectively on matters that are of shared importance. The SCGI is committed to good governance and transparency of operations.

Key objectives

  • To promote and increase visibility of the Irish music for screen sector and promote its value as a contributing creative element with associated IP and cultural value. To seek to increase and target investment and development of the sector, to build it’s competitiveness at an international level and build a global reputation

  • To promote the creative craft of original music composition for screen to industry and wider public, through online, social media, representation at industry events and through running events;

  • To promote this sector internationally and assist members to access international markets;

  • To increase the level of domestic opportunities for screen composers by promoting the value of funding original music composition and hiring a composer as opposed to using alternative sources of music;

  • To conduct research into the status and needs of membership and communicate findings to industry stakeholders such as IMRO, Screen Training Ireland and Government bodies;

  • To seek to forge collaborative partnerships with other professional groups both domestic and internationally in both music and audiovisual industries;

  • To provide professional and collegiate resources and opportunities for members, such as organizing training and professional development opportunities; social events; encouraging members to share their experiences and knowledge and enhance innovation in their practices; networking collectively with other elements of audiovisual or music industry and so forth;

  • To lobby and advocate on behalf of members to government, funders, broadcasters and others and to be a source of information and dialogue with this sector.


SCGI are committed to good corporate governance and transparency of operations. 

Constitution and Memorandum of Association


Board of Directors