Darren Hendley


Darren Hendley Dublin based composers,  has been writing music for Film and TV since 1999.´ He is a multi-instrumentalist with a diverse musical range. His prolific experience spans from preschool TV to orchestral film scores. To date he has written over one hundred hours of music for film and television broadcasts including Oscar nominated , Emmy Winning, Bafta Winning and Emile nominated productions. He has written numerous theme songs and scores for several hit tv shows which are broadcast in over 160 territories worldwide including The Octonauts, Olivia The Pig, Noddy, Nelly & Nora and many more.

Darren recently composed the score for “Angela’s Christmas” (Brown Bag Films / 9 Story) critically acclaimed animation which is currently released worldwide on Netflix. His score for Angela’s Christmas was nominated for best music score in the “European Animation awards”,  Darren also wrote the theme song and lyrics for Angela’s Christmas (Angela’s Song) which was performed by the late Dolores O‘Riordan (The Cranberries). 




Tel: +353 87 8160017