Mark Murphy


Mark started his career as guitar player in The Devlins who’s music was widely used on TV & Hollywood film spots including HBO’s 6 Feet Under, Dawson’s Creek, Batman Forever, Magnolia and Closer.

Mark began composing in 2010, his first documentary being the IFTA award winning “Man On A Mission” by Maurice Sweeney. Followed by scoring a string of promos for HBO, cult TV shows such as Game Of Thrones, True Detectives and Masters Of Sex.

In 2017 Mark was selected as main composer on the Emmy winning series by Brainfarm for National Geographic “Wild Yellowstone” His score was submitted by Nat Geo for best music Emmy consideration. 

Mark’s company Secrets & Machines has scored and provided sound design for numerous worldwide advertising campaigns, brands such as Toyota, Guinness, Oreos, Heineken & Digicell. They have provided Foley & Sound Design services for many feature films including the IFTA for best sound winning The Siege Of Jadotville, Irish Oscar entrant Viva, the award winning Handsome Devil and Oscar nominated Granny O’Grimm.




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